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No Good Kids

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Are there such things like “no good kids”? Many people would say “NO” because many of them know that kids are as good as everyone, they have their qualities which should be respected no matter their color, religion, faith, geographical position and many other similar things. Me, as an adolescent, and trust me a recent kid must say that I was greatly insulted by a web site today. Why? Read on…

As I woke up at 8 am today, booted my Fedora 7 on the laptop, checked my mail, and went over to Over there were waiting 100+ unread feeds. So I started reading, and somewhere on the 20th feed I read a sentence that I wish would have never been written.

The Guys over at CrunchGear have called kids “no good”! I wouldn’t quote the actual sentence here, due to copyright problems that may occur.

What’s the good in calling your future no good? Is it Okay if you were poor like those children in Africa, and be called no good because you are living in Africa and have no money to buy a real computer, or don’t have nice clothing, or that you believe in Who-Knows-What!? No! Kids should never be called “no good” because they are the future, and if they aren’t good god knows who will be!

You can find this very disturbing text ($100 Laptop, Only $400) on CrunchGear, the sentence that I’m refering to is the second sentence. The article was written by Ilya Kochanov.

Please, don’t call kids “no good” — they certainly are better than you are!


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September 24, 2007 at 8:35 am

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