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Tutorial: Perfect Triangle in Inkscape

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After I saw this post on Bittbox I thought that I should make a tutorial like this on how to do it in Inkscape. It is quite easy, actually.

1. Stars And Polygons

To create a perfect triangle you need to use the “Stars and polygons” tool in Inkscape. You can find this button on the right toolbar on the Inkscape window. Like so:
2. Properties
There are some properties that you have to set in order to draw the perfect triangle. After you have clicked on the “Stars and polygons” button, as explained above, the “Properties” bar is shown at the top of the window. There you will need to have the checkbox labeled “Polygon” checked, the “Corners” value should be set to 3, the “Rounded” and the “Randomize” values have to be set to 0. You can see it better on this image:
3. The Triangle
Now you can draw the triangle by clicking and dragging on the drawing canvas. (I bet you are not that n00bish!) You should get something similar to this, except the colors:
It’s just a matter of your imagination of what you want to do with this triangle you just drew! 😀



Written by Act1v8

July 11, 2007 at 7:02 pm

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