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Eat Cheese In A Photo Booth

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Have you ever tried eating Cheese inside a Photo Booth? I sure haven’t, but a guy named Daniel has and he’s so good at it!

Remember the guy Daniel I mentioned in the sentence before this one. Well he’s one truly amazing guy! Writing an application named Cheese is a very hard job, but he’s making it easy, very easy indeed!

If I could give him the Nobel prize for the application he has written, be sure I’ll!

Cheese is the coolest application ever known to man, it can take your picture from a web cam and turn it into something marvelous, into a super duper photo that you can share with your friends and family! It even can shoot a video!!! Basically this application, Cheese, speaks GTK, uses GStreamer for viewing and I don’t know if it listens GStreamer too. Here are some quick photos I took with it, too bad I couldn’t use my built-in webcam to do it, rather I had to borrow a USB web cam from my sister.

Say ‘Cheese’ Everyone!








More on my Flickr photos page.


Written by Act1v8

August 31, 2007 at 10:16 pm

Posted in application, gnome, linux