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Hello, tommorow; What’s up with the websites?

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There is this big fuss about Mac OS X Leopard coming out in October this year. Really nice features. Most of them are beautiful but not really useful. And almost all of that stuff do exist in Linux. For Leopards Time Machine there is TimeVault, and for “The Dock” there is AWN (in SVN). But one thing is bugging me quite a lot.

Have you taken a good look at the Apple web site? Do you notice the BIG difference in promoting everything? Let’s take a look at Mac OS X Leopards page, because I’ll be talking much about it.

You can see that there is this cool layout, at the top cool eye-catching graphics with reflections, perspectives, the big shiny X and a very good marketing title: Hello, tomorrow or w/e.

That’s pretty good by far. I’m right now convinced that there is something much more to see in Leopard. Let’s go down the page. Umm… yeah… I’m liking this! Cool features… well done Apple. Oh, I’m interested mostly in “TimeMachine”. Let’s check that Demo that they have there.

Oops! Nice popup… umm… cool video too! I think I’ll buy Leopard.


OK. Let’s face it, I won’t buy Leopard but if I could, I would and that is basically for the actual site design and information organization.

–> On to my real world now…

So now. Why am I not convinced to download Ubuntu when I see the site of theirs? Yeah… it’s quite nice and orangy… but it’s too full of information at startup and you just want to get over it so you click on the first link and voila! You see a TON of more information that you just don’t want to read! Images are … here and there … good. But not excellent!

The advert. slogan is quite unnatural: “Linux for human beings” isn’t really too much ear-and-eye catching. The logo is good, yes.

But I’m still not conviced to download Ubuntu just by looking at the site, even though, Ubuntu can offer almost the same features as Leopard does, and it’s free!

There should be a whole concept-redesign of the marketing of Linux distributions. Foresight Linux has a nice-er website than most distros.

I hope you got my point, cause I can ramble like this for days. OK, I feel really sleepy now… going to sleep!


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July 30, 2007 at 9:53 pm

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Oh My! This was a fine week!

I was on vacation for some 10 days in Ohrid, a city here in Macedonia. Actually, I arrived home today… with a plane. By car there are some, dunno, 200 km from Skopje, the capital city where I live.

Ohrid is by far the most tourist-aware town in the whole of the country. It used to be a lot worse than this year. The beaches weren’t clean, and only a few places were good to have a coffee or sleep. I stayed at the “Metropol Lake Resort” in hotel Metropol. That is one of the hotels that the NATO guys for the EAPC security forum stayed. Metropol is the nicest hotel in the whole country, if you ask me. The prices are high, but the money that you give are worth every penny… umm… denar… 🙂

Anyways, I had a lot of fun. I’m all coppery now… Oh and BTW did you know that Macedonia was “burning” while I was on vacation… and I actually managed to take a few shots of the choppers that fought with the fires.

I know I drank a lot of coffee and a lot of Coke, and I swam a lot in the nice, clear water of the Lake Ohrid (search Wikipedia). Nothing too special happened and I just want to sleep now. And did I mention that my feet hurt.

OK. Have fun with the pictures… and nighty-night!

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July 29, 2007 at 9:22 pm

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Bluetooth on Linux

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Usually most DRM-oriented devices out there, such as a lot of PDA’s aren’t that well supported on GNU/Linux. Sure, there are some applications that can interact with them, but they aren’t so easy to operate with.

Bluetooth is one of those technologies I like to call DRMd, but Bluetooth isn’t really a DRMd technology. Support for it in GNU/Linux is, I have to say this, more than excellent. BlueZ is the name of the project that does all of those HCI and who-knows-what sinks and wells and pipes and kernel stuff.

Basically, if you have a compatible USB Bluetooth dongle all you need to do is just plug it in! It works right away. In Nautilus, the GNOME DE main file manager, to send a file all you need to do is: Right click the file you want to send > Send To… > Select from Send As: Bluetooth (OBEX Push), then select the devce > Send. It’s one of those things that “Just work!”.

The only thing that isn’t so good in GNU/Linux is A2DP protocol for Advanced Audio jumbo-mambos for Bluetooth headphones. ALSA is working on it, and it’s pretty good so far, but it has some issues, of course.

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July 16, 2007 at 11:52 pm

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The question presented in the title of this post seems very weird and stupid. And to tell you the truth, it is.

In Macedonia, there is this show about computers on TV called Enter. I usually don’t watch it because they are total suckers and losers, just imagine someone typing “www” before a URL! Isn’t that very, very, very, old fashioned. And someone using Internet Explorer for browsing. That’s so lame!

Anyway, there was this discussion about out-powering good old Google. Seriously, guys, that ain’t gonna happen. Google, by far, is the leading internet company and it took the fame out of Yahoo! a long time ago. What does Microsoft think they’ll achieve with I’ll tell you: NOTHING!

Google has a billions and billions of users, loyal users. I use almost every service from Google. This blog is hosted by Google, the feed on this blog, is also, hosted by Google. I chat with some of my friends trough GTalk. I use GMail so much that anyone who uses hotmail or I don’t know the new name, will cry when he sees GMail.

And what about Google Maps. Google Maps are the most efficient online map system. I see many services using its API, Frappr for instance. I see that also have a “Map” search type thing. What! No one would use that, I mean the iPhone has Google Maps on it, something like a replacement for GPS. Actually, my Siemens phone has Google Mobile Maps on it!’s Map system isn’t going to work in this world baby, mmm-hmmm!

Let’s face it. was broken a few months ago. When you searched “Bad Vista”, nothing showed up. But if you searched Google, Yahoo! or they all would show up the Bad Vista site ( I think that around 100 people sent “bug” reports to for this inconvenience.

To be honest, Google drives my online life even acting on my offline life with the new Google Gears technology.

And what about online office suites. I bet MS is gonna want to pay for that too, even though they currently don’t have one. Like it does for Microsoft Office ! I don’t even understand why people like my father even bother buying an Offiice Suite, or maybe just downloading a free one ( when they have everything they need online with Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

Someone like my so called friends at Tecker 911 are gonna say “Oh, but that’s pretty limited.” And I’m gonna say what I said to them once “Your brains are limited!”. Well sure, Google Docs & Spreadsheets has some limitations, but it’s improving every day! I wrote an essay that I needed for school in Google Docs & Spreadsheets. And it rocks! The great thing about it is that wherever you are with an internet connection and a standards compliant web browser, you can create a new document!

Basically, isn’t capable of fighting Google. Google can squash them like a little bug, or better yet a pimple!

Go to hell!

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July 14, 2007 at 11:11 pm

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Screencast: Blogger in Draft Search Feature

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This is a nice little screencast I made to show how nice the new Blogger in Draft search feature is. The software used to make it is: gtkRecordMyDesktop, Beryl and Mencoder.

I hope you enjoy this! Bye, bye!

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July 13, 2007 at 1:31 am

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Tutorial: Perfect Triangle in Inkscape

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After I saw this post on Bittbox I thought that I should make a tutorial like this on how to do it in Inkscape. It is quite easy, actually.

1. Stars And Polygons

To create a perfect triangle you need to use the “Stars and polygons” tool in Inkscape. You can find this button on the right toolbar on the Inkscape window. Like so:
2. Properties
There are some properties that you have to set in order to draw the perfect triangle. After you have clicked on the “Stars and polygons” button, as explained above, the “Properties” bar is shown at the top of the window. There you will need to have the checkbox labeled “Polygon” checked, the “Corners” value should be set to 3, the “Rounded” and the “Randomize” values have to be set to 0. You can see it better on this image:
3. The Triangle
Now you can draw the triangle by clicking and dragging on the drawing canvas. (I bet you are not that n00bish!) You should get something similar to this, except the colors:
It’s just a matter of your imagination of what you want to do with this triangle you just drew! 😀


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July 11, 2007 at 7:02 pm

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Fedora 7 Moonshine: review

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Fedora 7 codenamed Moonshine is out for a few weeks now. Fedora is currently my favorite distribution, so I had to try it!

I got it installed on my Intel Pentium 4 system working at 3060MHz with 1GB of RAM, 256MB of nVidia graphics card.

I did the backup of my most important files: Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents and went off to install Fedora 7. Poped in the DVD, said “Goodbye! Stupid Ubuntu” and rebooted. First impression was the boot loader which asks you what do you want to do “Install or upgrade your system in graphical mode” and things like that, but what fell in my eye was the “pure uglyness” of the boot loader screen. I even got freaked out!

Anyway, I proceeded… created my own custom partition layout, selected around 990 packages to install and continued. I must say that I noticed the installation process was a bit slowish. When I clicked on Install, as always, Anaconda (the Fedora system installer) starts off by formating your partitions. Here things went bad.

As Anaconda was nearing formating my /home partition I noticed something that I have never experienced before, I believe the thing is called “crashing” but I don’t have enough information to say that it was a crash. The X Server “crashed”. Let me describe it better: the X default screen showed. But it got fixed after moving the mouse, like some screensaver just got active!

At first I didn’t quite like the “Flying High” theme, but now I think it rocks. And yet I still like the “Fedora Bubbles” theme the most!

I’ve been having some trouble “reimporting” the podcasts I had on the Banshee in Ubuntu to this new Fedora 7 installation. Can someone help about this?

And to finish it off, here is a screenshot of my favorite applications running under Fedora 7: Inkscape, Banshee and Pidgin.

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July 11, 2007 at 6:12 pm

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