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Fedora 7 Moonshine: review

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Fedora 7 codenamed Moonshine is out for a few weeks now. Fedora is currently my favorite distribution, so I had to try it!

I got it installed on my Intel Pentium 4 system working at 3060MHz with 1GB of RAM, 256MB of nVidia graphics card.

I did the backup of my most important files: Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents and went off to install Fedora 7. Poped in the DVD, said “Goodbye! Stupid Ubuntu” and rebooted. First impression was the boot loader which asks you what do you want to do “Install or upgrade your system in graphical mode” and things like that, but what fell in my eye was the “pure uglyness” of the boot loader screen. I even got freaked out!

Anyway, I proceeded… created my own custom partition layout, selected around 990 packages to install and continued. I must say that I noticed the installation process was a bit slowish. When I clicked on Install, as always, Anaconda (the Fedora system installer) starts off by formating your partitions. Here things went bad.

As Anaconda was nearing formating my /home partition I noticed something that I have never experienced before, I believe the thing is called “crashing” but I don’t have enough information to say that it was a crash. The X Server “crashed”. Let me describe it better: the X default screen showed. But it got fixed after moving the mouse, like some screensaver just got active!

At first I didn’t quite like the “Flying High” theme, but now I think it rocks. And yet I still like the “Fedora Bubbles” theme the most!

I’ve been having some trouble “reimporting” the podcasts I had on the Banshee in Ubuntu to this new Fedora 7 installation. Can someone help about this?

And to finish it off, here is a screenshot of my favorite applications running under Fedora 7: Inkscape, Banshee and Pidgin.


Written by Act1v8

July 11, 2007 at 6:12 pm

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