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Is This Really Happening?

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Why do I always need to change feed readers, and distros? Yesterday I installed Fedora, and since that time I hate Ubuntu so much!

Now I’m starting to hate Google Reader. Newshutch seems very much more intuitive and beautiful, whilst Google Reader has the grossest interface I’ve ever seen. Is this because of features, or just the beauty or usefulness? Yes, of course I’ll miss Google Reader’s shared option, which is really cool, but I’ll be voting for the same feature to come over at Newshutch.

Newshutch really is the Feed Reader that doesn’t suck! It has the best interface ever seen, and I kinda think it’s more useful than Google Reader. Ok, on to reading my newest feeds!


Written by Act1v8

September 3, 2007 at 5:58 pm

Posted in google, newshutch