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Eat Cheese In A Photo Booth

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Have you ever tried eating Cheese inside a Photo Booth? I sure haven’t, but a guy named Daniel has and he’s so good at it!

Remember the guy Daniel I mentioned in the sentence before this one. Well he’s one truly amazing guy! Writing an application named Cheese is a very hard job, but he’s making it easy, very easy indeed!

If I could give him the Nobel prize for the application he has written, be sure I’ll!

Cheese is the coolest application ever known to man, it can take your picture from a web cam and turn it into something marvelous, into a super duper photo that you can share with your friends and family! It even can shoot a video!!! Basically this application, Cheese, speaks GTK, uses GStreamer for viewing and I don’t know if it listens GStreamer too. Here are some quick photos I took with it, too bad I couldn’t use my built-in webcam to do it, rather I had to borrow a USB web cam from my sister.

Say ‘Cheese’ Everyone!








More on my Flickr photos page.


Written by Act1v8

August 31, 2007 at 10:16 pm

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I’m Branding

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Nifty title, huh? Yeah, that’s me!

I started to brand myself, making me more unique in the online world. What does branding exactly means? Well, putting your unique stamp all over the online world, a way to be easily recognizable by anyone who encounters you online, umm… your online self. Ring a Bell?

Well today I just had one of my own crazy drawing excursions, and finally an avatar is here! It starts to appear almost everywhere I exist online: Mugshot, Deviantart, WordPress, yatta, yatta, yatta… (Don’t you think “drn, drn jarinja” is better 😀 )

But there is one little problem. As much as I enjoy publishing things under a Creative CommonsNo! I will not publish my avatar under a Creative Commons license. Why? Well that’s me? I’m not under a Creative Commons license, am I? No, I’m not! And that is the reason for which I don’t release my avatar under a Creative Commons license! license, a brick struck me today. When the choice was made that the drawing I drew will become my own brand/avatar online, I started wondering whether it is a good idea to publish it under Creative Commons. I made the decision almost immediately!


This image is Copyright © Stojan Dimitrovski, 2007

Now if I find someone using it as their own, without my permission, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer and this is not a joke! I’m dead serious. A lawsuit will shortly follow, and the DMCA will be notified by the time you can say ‘DMCA’! And believe me, if needed I’ll take this up to a supreme-er court, even. So watch out for what you are doing!!! I’m dead serious about this, very serious indeed!

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August 31, 2007 at 5:01 pm

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Why do I gravitate towards WordPress?

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Why do I always gravitate towards WordPress? Each time I switch towards another blog service, I always wind up importing my posts into a new created blog on WordPress.

Even though WordPress offers a bit less functions than most blogging services, it’s pretty good. I like the huge theme selection available, even though you can’t edit CSS, yet more HTML but it’s nice.

And the other thing I like is the Open Source blog tool, WordPress. It’s one of the best ever written! I love WordPress. I use it on my Macedonian blog which is read by the Macedonian FLOSS community.

See You, um Read You!

Written by Act1v8

August 30, 2007 at 10:09 pm

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Why Python?

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I’m currently working on a small widget for Screenlets that posts to the Tumblr service. My first impressions are that it’s very hard to write a screenlet, and very inefficient. Why?

  • the screenlet has to be written in Python
  • there is no documentation on how to write a screenlet, not even API documentation
  • everything has to be SVG oriented
  • there are many useless things you’d have to do

These points are really bugging me. Why couldn’t the Linux community just develop a widget engine that works with HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PNG/SVG? Why are they making everything Python-oriented. That freaks the hell out of me! And yet they don’t even give you an API documentation.

Back to the Python ramblings. Haven’t the developers learned something from Yahoo! and Apple? That it is far better to use more common techniques for writing a widget, say JavaScript and HTML with CSS. That is the same way that Yahoo! and Apple do it! If the widget is in Python, things get a bit more complicated. And again, without documentation it’s nothing! Writing a widget in Python is a BIG PAIN IN THE ASS!

That’s why I decided not to write a widget, yet an Application, or a Gnome Panel Applet because I’d spend more time on writing a widget, than an Application with many features.

Thank you for reading,
Stojance Dimitrovski

Written by Act1v8

August 28, 2007 at 1:34 pm

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Joy with Sticks

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Some time ago, maybe two years I bought a Joystick. Logitech Freedom 2.4 Cordless Joystick. But I guess I bought it at the wrong moment. Why? …

At that time the Free Software revolution was taking over me, and I stopped my gamer career and went with another — programming. So after some time, the Joystick was put in a cabinet and forgotten with time… until…

This year I started flying school (which is coming to an end today due to missunderstandings with my father and the chief of the Skopje Air Club anyways) and I wanted to see how I’m doing on the sym. Downloaded Flight Gear, and just said. Ah, let’s see how does my joystick work under Linux. So I got the wireless dongle and plugged it in the USB port. The light came on…

The immediate response of mine was to run dmesg in the terminal to see whether the Kernel is having troubles with the joystick. The output was AMAZING! Linux just recognized my joystick, initiated the driver and loaded everything else.

I started Flight Gear and the rest went on…

I must say that I had some problems with the calibration of the joystick, because this one has like 5 axes and I’ve got no idea which is which.

But I’m still amazed at how well this worked under Linux!

Written by Act1v8

August 20, 2007 at 2:36 pm

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Mugshot and Banshee

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Mugshot is a kind of social service by Red Hat which is very super duper in connecting you with other cool social services on the web like:, Facebook, AIM, Google Reader, connecting your blog and all sorts of stuff like that and sharing them with a group or the people in your network. I love it so much that I’m practically addicted to it!

There is one cool feature in Mugshot called “Music Radar”. It works through or through Rhythmbox via the Mugshot desktop client. As most of you know I use Banshee for music organization and listening to the organized music. The Mugshot client doesn’t support Banshee yet. The Mugshot team say that they are working on that but I don’t see any improvements.

I remember I read on a blog that in Foresight, my favorite no-use distro, the Mugshot client supports Music Radar reporting through Banshee and that the problem with me is due to the un-updated Mugshot packages in Ubuntu.

Recently I’m being bugged more and more about this feature, so I am thinking of writhing my own plugin for Banshee to utilize the functionality. I don’t think this is a good idea but I have no choice. Wish me luck! (if I ever make it, I’m a bit lazy these days)

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August 6, 2007 at 10:03 pm

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Epiphany or Firefox

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For those of you who don’t know, Epiphany is the GNOME default web browser built on top of the Gecko rendering engine.

The question presented in the title is old as far as I know of the exsistance of the GNOME project. Epiphany in recent years has been improved so much that it became my default browser. Yes, as a big fan of Firefox it’s unbelievable of what I just stated, but it’s true.


Well, Epiphany is integrated far better than Firefox in the Gnome desktop. It uses much less disk and RAM memory space and it renders the pages a lot better. Yes, even though Firefox and Epiphany use the same rendering engine, Gecko, they render pages a bit different.

Firefox is too bloated and over-functioned for me. Things in Firefox are hard to find and the gazillion extensions available for it make it even more difficult! Yes, I know that there are some really cool extensions for Firefox but I can live without them. But there is one extension/feature that I can not live without. That is But Epiphany has great support through an extension called ‘o so ironically: Epilicious.

Well I made it pretty clear by far why I’m using Epiphany as my default browser. There is just one issue that is bugging me to the core of my mind and back!

Gecko has support for inline spell checking. And, that is in Epiphany. But the problem is that it isn’t functional. It just highlights the words that aren’t correct and if you right-click them you see no suggestions. Err… you see nothing. Oh! I just got an idea! I’ll file a bug!

Anyway for a true Epiphany in browsing use Epiphany! It really is worth it!

Written by Act1v8

August 5, 2007 at 8:23 pm

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