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Mugshot and Banshee

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Mugshot is a kind of social service by Red Hat which is very super duper in connecting you with other cool social services on the web like:, Facebook, AIM, Google Reader, connecting your blog and all sorts of stuff like that and sharing them with a group or the people in your network. I love it so much that I’m practically addicted to it!

There is one cool feature in Mugshot called “Music Radar”. It works through or through Rhythmbox via the Mugshot desktop client. As most of you know I use Banshee for music organization and listening to the organized music. The Mugshot client doesn’t support Banshee yet. The Mugshot team say that they are working on that but I don’t see any improvements.

I remember I read on a blog that in Foresight, my favorite no-use distro, the Mugshot client supports Music Radar reporting through Banshee and that the problem with me is due to the un-updated Mugshot packages in Ubuntu.

Recently I’m being bugged more and more about this feature, so I am thinking of writhing my own plugin for Banshee to utilize the functionality. I don’t think this is a good idea but I have no choice. Wish me luck! (if I ever make it, I’m a bit lazy these days)


Written by Act1v8

August 6, 2007 at 10:03 pm

Posted in linux, mugshot