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Nifty title, huh? Yeah, that’s me!

I started to brand myself, making me more unique in the online world. What does branding exactly means? Well, putting your unique stamp all over the online world, a way to be easily recognizable by anyone who encounters you online, umm… your online self. Ring a Bell?

Well today I just had one of my own crazy drawing excursions, and finally an avatar is here! It starts to appear almost everywhere I exist online: Mugshot, Deviantart, WordPress, yatta, yatta, yatta… (Don’t you think “drn, drn jarinja” is better 😀 )

But there is one little problem. As much as I enjoy publishing things under a Creative CommonsNo! I will not publish my avatar under a Creative Commons license. Why? Well that’s me? I’m not under a Creative Commons license, am I? No, I’m not! And that is the reason for which I don’t release my avatar under a Creative Commons license! license, a brick struck me today. When the choice was made that the drawing I drew will become my own brand/avatar online, I started wondering whether it is a good idea to publish it under Creative Commons. I made the decision almost immediately!


This image is Copyright © Stojan Dimitrovski, 2007

Now if I find someone using it as their own, without my permission, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer and this is not a joke! I’m dead serious. A lawsuit will shortly follow, and the DMCA will be notified by the time you can say ‘DMCA’! And believe me, if needed I’ll take this up to a supreme-er court, even. So watch out for what you are doing!!! I’m dead serious about this, very serious indeed!


Written by Act1v8

August 31, 2007 at 5:01 pm

Posted in me-myself-I, wordpress

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