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Epiphany or Firefox

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For those of you who don’t know, Epiphany is the GNOME default web browser built on top of the Gecko rendering engine.

The question presented in the title is old as far as I know of the exsistance of the GNOME project. Epiphany in recent years has been improved so much that it became my default browser. Yes, as a big fan of Firefox it’s unbelievable of what I just stated, but it’s true.


Well, Epiphany is integrated far better than Firefox in the Gnome desktop. It uses much less disk and RAM memory space and it renders the pages a lot better. Yes, even though Firefox and Epiphany use the same rendering engine, Gecko, they render pages a bit different.

Firefox is too bloated and over-functioned for me. Things in Firefox are hard to find and the gazillion extensions available for it make it even more difficult! Yes, I know that there are some really cool extensions for Firefox but I can live without them. But there is one extension/feature that I can not live without. That is But Epiphany has great support through an extension called ‘o so ironically: Epilicious.

Well I made it pretty clear by far why I’m using Epiphany as my default browser. There is just one issue that is bugging me to the core of my mind and back!

Gecko has support for inline spell checking. And, that is in Epiphany. But the problem is that it isn’t functional. It just highlights the words that aren’t correct and if you right-click them you see no suggestions. Err… you see nothing. Oh! I just got an idea! I’ll file a bug!

Anyway for a true Epiphany in browsing use Epiphany! It really is worth it!


Written by Act1v8

August 5, 2007 at 8:23 pm

Posted in gnome, linux

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