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Vala is the new superior programing language similar to C# made for the GNOME desktop, mainly for easier programming of libraries and simple GNOME-oriented programs. Vala is also a compiler that turns the Vala (C# 3 like) code into C code and then compiles the C code.

It may sound confusing and silly at first, but it’s really powerful! Having this tool simplifies things much more. Imagine you needing to write a huge, and very needed, library in C for something very important and your knowledge of C is scarce, and/or not good. What will you do? Spend three times the time needed to write the library into bug fixing and stupid syntax mistakes other than concentrating on something more useful or productive. Well, with Vala you can write a library far easier and faster than you’d in C. Because C# is much simpler than C, you can do it much faster and then let the Vala parser recode your library (or even program) to C making it faster to run than on a VM like Mono or some other .Net thing.

Vala is so great. As I know C# well enough I wanted to give it a try. And I did and I must admit that it’s far better than making a program in C# and then running it on top of Mono. Even though it still doesn’t offer the power of Mono, it is a good project with a great goal.


Written by Act1v8

August 4, 2007 at 5:16 pm

Posted in gnome, linux, vala

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