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Hello, tommorow; What’s up with the websites?

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There is this big fuss about Mac OS X Leopard coming out in October this year. Really nice features. Most of them are beautiful but not really useful. And almost all of that stuff do exist in Linux. For Leopards Time Machine there is TimeVault, and for “The Dock” there is AWN (in SVN). But one thing is bugging me quite a lot.

Have you taken a good look at the Apple web site? Do you notice the BIG difference in promoting everything? Let’s take a look at Mac OS X Leopards page, because I’ll be talking much about it.

You can see that there is this cool layout, at the top cool eye-catching graphics with reflections, perspectives, the big shiny X and a very good marketing title: Hello, tomorrow or w/e.

That’s pretty good by far. I’m right now convinced that there is something much more to see in Leopard. Let’s go down the page. Umm… yeah… I’m liking this! Cool features… well done Apple. Oh, I’m interested mostly in “TimeMachine”. Let’s check that Demo that they have there.

Oops! Nice popup… umm… cool video too! I think I’ll buy Leopard.


OK. Let’s face it, I won’t buy Leopard but if I could, I would and that is basically for the actual site design and information organization.

–> On to my real world now…

So now. Why am I not convinced to download Ubuntu when I see the site of theirs? Yeah… it’s quite nice and orangy… but it’s too full of information at startup and you just want to get over it so you click on the first link and voila! You see a TON of more information that you just don’t want to read! Images are … here and there … good. But not excellent!

The advert. slogan is quite unnatural: “Linux for human beings” isn’t really too much ear-and-eye catching. The logo is good, yes.

But I’m still not conviced to download Ubuntu just by looking at the site, even though, Ubuntu can offer almost the same features as Leopard does, and it’s free!

There should be a whole concept-redesign of the marketing of Linux distributions. Foresight Linux has a nice-er website than most distros.

I hope you got my point, cause I can ramble like this for days. OK, I feel really sleepy now… going to sleep!


Written by Act1v8

July 30, 2007 at 9:53 pm

Posted in linux

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  1. Thanks for making this available!


    February 6, 2009 at 9:50 am

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