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Cut The Crap or Google?

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The question presented in the title of this post seems very weird and stupid. And to tell you the truth, it is.

In Macedonia, there is this show about computers on TV called Enter. I usually don’t watch it because they are total suckers and losers, just imagine someone typing “www” before a URL! Isn’t that very, very, very, old fashioned. And someone using Internet Explorer for browsing. That’s so lame!

Anyway, there was this discussion about out-powering good old Google. Seriously, guys, that ain’t gonna happen. Google, by far, is the leading internet company and it took the fame out of Yahoo! a long time ago. What does Microsoft think they’ll achieve with I’ll tell you: NOTHING!

Google has a billions and billions of users, loyal users. I use almost every service from Google. This blog is hosted by Google, the feed on this blog, is also, hosted by Google. I chat with some of my friends trough GTalk. I use GMail so much that anyone who uses hotmail or I don’t know the new name, will cry when he sees GMail.

And what about Google Maps. Google Maps are the most efficient online map system. I see many services using its API, Frappr for instance. I see that also have a “Map” search type thing. What! No one would use that, I mean the iPhone has Google Maps on it, something like a replacement for GPS. Actually, my Siemens phone has Google Mobile Maps on it!’s Map system isn’t going to work in this world baby, mmm-hmmm!

Let’s face it. was broken a few months ago. When you searched “Bad Vista”, nothing showed up. But if you searched Google, Yahoo! or they all would show up the Bad Vista site ( I think that around 100 people sent “bug” reports to for this inconvenience.

To be honest, Google drives my online life even acting on my offline life with the new Google Gears technology.

And what about online office suites. I bet MS is gonna want to pay for that too, even though they currently don’t have one. Like it does for Microsoft Office ! I don’t even understand why people like my father even bother buying an Offiice Suite, or maybe just downloading a free one ( when they have everything they need online with Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

Someone like my so called friends at Tecker 911 are gonna say “Oh, but that’s pretty limited.” And I’m gonna say what I said to them once “Your brains are limited!”. Well sure, Google Docs & Spreadsheets has some limitations, but it’s improving every day! I wrote an essay that I needed for school in Google Docs & Spreadsheets. And it rocks! The great thing about it is that wherever you are with an internet connection and a standards compliant web browser, you can create a new document!

Basically, isn’t capable of fighting Google. Google can squash them like a little bug, or better yet a pimple!

Go to hell!


Written by Act1v8

July 14, 2007 at 11:11 pm

Posted in google

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